why hello there. i'm zoe, a 16 year old singer/ songwriter. as of now i have over 70 songs, but unfortunately, god has graced me with the gift of being instrumentally challenged... ghastly little fucker. he's also given me the somewhat hapless gift of dry humor, so blame him if you're offended. then again, i'm not religious and i don't believe in god, so perhaps i'm just a blunt bitch? moving to the point: my songs don't have any music behind them as of now. a bit sad really, because some have the potential to be pretty good in my opinion. i plan on finding someone (or a band possibly?) who can help me out in that area so i can put my songs up soon. if not with background music, i suppose i'll be forced to sing a capella and you'll just have to deal with it :]. for right now i'll just offer praise or constructive criticism. i'm really quite friendly

take care
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